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Inpatient Rehab in Minnesota

Does the word “rehab” scare you? Does it creep you out? Do you picture living in a place that’s sterile, unfriendly and intimidating? Does it make you think of being sent away? The truth is that inpatient rehab in Minnesota doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming. Inpatient rehab in Minnesota provides a safe, stable way to medically detox from a drug you’re addicted to and to help you heal from your addiction. Many adults go to inpatient rehab in Minnesota at some point in their lives to get the help they need to face their addictions head-on. There are several benefits to choosing inpatient rehab in Minnesota over outpatient rehab, although the type of recovery center you choose will depend on your personal situation and lifestyle.

What is Inpatient Rehab Minnesota?

Simply put, inpatient rehab in Minnesota is a place where you’ve live while you recover from an addiction. You’ll attend therapy sessions, informative meetings, learn new skills and forge new friendships. You’ll learn how you became addicted to a substance, explore the realities of your childhood and figure out exactly how you can stay sober when you return home.

Inpatient rehab in Minnesota is a solid choice for anyone who wants a fast-paced, intensive recovery program. You’ll have round-the-clock monitoring, which means you’ll be safe from harm and dangerous withdrawal side effects. If you begin to feel sick or agitated, someone will be able to help you.  You’ll receive constant care. You won’t be tempted to break down and use drugs because you won’t have access to any. You’ll have a strict schedule and your days will be planned. Additionally, at inpatient rehab in Minnesota, you won’t have to worry about preparing meals or grocery shopping because your meals will be provided for you.

Who is a Good Candidate for Inpatient Rehab in Minnesota?

If you have a serious addiction or want to heal very quickly, inpatient rehab in Minnesota provides an environment in which you can detox and immediately begin therapy. Some patients require medication to help with withdrawal side effects and cravings, so inpatient therapy offers a safe place to make sure you’re getting the right amount of medication. Inpatient rehab in Minnesota is also good for anyone who does not have a good home environment. If your home situation isn’t safe or is incredibly stressful, attending rehab as an inpatient can be beneficial.

Why is Inpatient Rehab in Minnesota Recommended?

Studies now show that patients who attend inpatient programs are less likely to return to drug usage after recovery. You’ll learn many skills at rehab that go beyond the idea that “drugs are bad.” You’ll learn to identify your triggers and how to avoid them. You’ll develop healthy thinking and behavioral patterns, and you’ll learn how to set goals and how to accomplish them. You’ll learn that your life is worth living, as long as you know how.

Inpatient rehab in Minnesota also offers a variety of therapy options that some outpatient centers might not offer. While most patients will automatically attend behavioral therapy and group sessions, you can also choose to attend art therapy, music therapy, restorative yoga or spirituality therapy classes.

No matter what type of addiction you’ve been fighting, it’s time to get help. It’s time to move forward. Don’t be afraid to reach out to an addiction specialist today to get the help you need.