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Partial Hospitalization in Minnesota

Multiple drug treatment centers in Michigan offer therapy for all kinds of drug and alcohol addictions. Their structures and programs vary, but all have the same goal of providing treatment for addiction. One type of treatment is partial hospitalization in Minnesota, also known as day/night treatment or PHP.

What is a PHP?

Partial hospitalization in Minnesota has some of the characteristics of inpatient and outpatient programs. They lie somewhere in between the two with more supervision than an outpatient program but fewer restrictions than inpatient programs.

PHPs may be used as the sole method of treatment or they may be the second part of therapy for the drug addict after attending a Minnesota residential program. These programs can provide treatment for 30, 60 or even 90 days, depending on the person’s needs and the structure of the facility.

During the day, the person attends intense treatment designed to help them overcome addiction. They may have first gone through detox to cleanse their system of the substance. Others may have gone through the detoxing process prior to seeking treatment with a PHP.

Treatment is similar to what you would find in a residential or outpatient setting. Patients attend group therapy and receive individual counseling. They may participate in alternative treatments or family therapy. The patient will receive drug education and learn relapse prevention. They may be prescribed medication to help with addiction or secondary diagnoses. PHPs also provide resources to help the person once treatment is complete, such as teaching job skills.

Once treatment for the day is complete, the person will leave the facility and go home or stay in a sober living center. The center may be part of the PHP or it may be a stand-alone facility. The idea is to limit the exposure to triggers or other situations that can lead to relapse while allowing the person a chance to begin adapting to life outside treatment.

Who Should Consider a PHP?

Partial hospitalization in Minnesota aren’t for everyone. They have a unique design that will benefit some addicts but not others. The prime candidate is someone who needs more supervision than an outpatient facility can provide but doesn’t require 24-hour monitoring.

PHPs also are ideal for people who have completed residential treatment successfully but aren’t ready to live on their own in their new life. These programs allow the person to slowly adapt to life without addiction while providing continuing treatment to address current issues.

Many people with a dual diagnosis choose PHPs. They must not be a danger to others or themselves and be able to live on their own for a few hours each day. They can attend therapy for the addiction and then get help for the mental health disorder, all in the same location.

What to Consider

When you’re investigating treatment options for yourself or your family member, you should include PHPs. You can compare options to see which one is the right fit. For instance, a person may need a PHP that also offers a sober living center for a residence if they have nowhere else to go.

Each PHP has special programs to offer addicts. You’ll want to find out what these programs are to determine if one is better suited to your needs. For example, a person may seek out a Minnesota center that includes family therapy if they want to involve their loved ones in treatment.

No matter what kind of addiction you or your family member are struggling with, help is available. Compare your options, including partial hospitalization in Minnesota, and find one to help you begin the road to recovery.