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Sober Living Homes in Minnesota

Addiction is a chronic disease that people must deal with long after treatment is complete. For some, living on their own after addiction is a frightening concept because of the fear of relapse. Sober living homes in Minnesota give people a chance to start their new life in a safe place.

Understanding the Program

Sober living homes in Minnesota help recovering addicts with a place to live that is drug-free and supportive. These homes provide housing for addicts who have completed treatment. They are located in residential neighborhoods and may house up to 20 or more residents at one time.

The homes may be single-family dwelling or they may be multi-family housing, such as duplexes or triplexes. Every person has a room to sleep in with at least one roommate. Common areas include the kitchen and living room, which are shared by all. Residents are free to stay as long as they like, but many live in these homes for less than a year.

The Requirements

To be admitted and to stay in these homes, the person must either have a job or be pursuing one. They can also be students enrolled in classes. Everyone must pay their own rent and buy their own food. This requirement helps prepare them for life outside of the home.

Every resident is required to have chores to keep up the property. They also have a strict curfew they must follow. The homes have a zero tolerance for drugs or alcohol or any substance that contains them. For instance, mouthwash with a high alcohol content isn’t allowed on the premises.

Other serious offenses in the home include violence against another person, fighting or harassment. Anyone engaging in these behaviors is subject to severe discipline, including heavy fines, writing an essay or even being evicted. The goal is to make the home safe for everyone.

The Benefits

While the rules may seem strict, it is often this fact that makes addicts want to live in one of these locations. They are unsure about functioning on their own and are used to following the rules of others in one of the Minnesota treatment centers. Having rules and procedures in place often gives them a feeling of security.

Another benefit is they have the support of others who know what they’re going through. They have someone to talk to and to encourage them. If they are feeling weak, they can find immediate help. While sober living homes in Minnesota don’t provide therapy, many addicts are in continuing therapy while living there. They may also form small groups and meet on a regular basis.

The person learns how to function in the outside world without being totally left on their own. They learn how to be independent a little at a time. Sometimes, the home is the only option for a long-term addict with little money and no references. It can mean the difference between having a place to live and being homeless.

If you or a family member are in treatment, you may want to consider a sober living homes in Minnesota when they are finished with treatment. These homes are good options whether they have somewhere else to go or not. It can give them a chance to make a new start in a safe, drug-free environment around others who can understand what they’re going through and provide the support they need.

Find out more about the sober living homes in Minnesota in your area to see what they have to offer recovering addicts.